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    relaxing, rehabilitating, regenerating, and rejuvenating muscle tissue

  • Mission

    My mission is to aid healing in dogs & cats

    I'm Julie Polvinen, BA, CSAMT (Certified Small Animal Massage Therapist) and Owner of Zen Animal Massage from Ipswich, MA. I graduated in 2011 from the Bancroft School of Massage in Worcester, MA. I offer in-home massage and bodywork to canines, felines, rabbits and any other animal under 200 pounds. Whether you have a companion animal, agility dog, show animal, or service dog, massage is a great way to maintain your pet's health and well-being, along with regular veterinary visits. I would be honored to work with your pet :)


    With massage we can loosen a joint that is too tight, and tighten a joint that is too loose. – Hippocrates

    Massage and bodywork are gentle and non-invasive therapies that can bring relaxation, rehabilitation,
    and rejuvenation to the muscles and connective tissue of your pet. If you have ever had a massage you have experienced what your pet will experience, too. The benefits from massage are the same.


    Here is a list of some of the things your pet will feel during and after a massage:

    • Increased relaxation
    • Relief from stiffness when walking or moving
    • Relief from arthritis pain, discomfort and swelling in joints and muscles
    • Improved gait, decreased limping
    • Reduced hyperactivity, anxiety, stress
    • Decreased muscle spasms
    • Increased range of motion in a limb
    • Improved digestion
    • Relief from constipation
    • Enhanced health and nourishment of the skin and coat 
    • Relief of pain from scar tissue and adhesions post-surgery
    • Decreased blood pressure
    • Increased enrichment and quality of life
    • A positive behavior change
    • Increased bonding with people
    • Release of tight tissue and knots
    • Faster healing from strained muscles
    • A strengthened immune system
    • Stimulated liver and kidney functions
    • Improved circulation of blood and movement of lymphatic fluids
    • Deeper and easier breathing
    • Deeper sleep

  • Testimonials

    I am honored to have worked with these amazing dogs and cats and their owners,
    who have witnessed and wanted to share with others, the effects of massage on their pets



    Darcy, my twelve year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, benefitted tremendously from the intelligent, intuitive, and loving touch of Julie at Zen Animal Massage. As she aged, Darcy had developed severe arthritis in her hind end and had begun using a wheelchair for mobility before she met Julie. After her first massage, she was rejuvenated and excited enough for a mile-plus walk around the neighborhood! I know Darcy enjoyed her time with Julie greatly, and she perked up each time she saw her. Darcy recently passed away, and I am ever grateful to have met Julie at the time I did. Julie was able to calm Darcy's anxiety through a gentle touch that helped to soothe, comfort, and heal the ailments of a very old dog. I would strongly recommend the healing touch of Zen Animal Massage for your pet, and only wish I had begun treatments with Julie sooner! - John Kilfoyle

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    Teddy Bear

    Julie has such a special gift and truly cares about the animals (and owners) she helps through animal massage. My 10 year old Chocolate Lab, Teddy Bear absolutely loved his 1 hour birthday massage with Julie. She gave him a full body massage that helped to soothe his sore and tight muscles due to some arthritis and all the while continued to educate me on how to better understand Teddy Bear's body signals/language and also to gave me some tips on how to relieve some tension he holds in his neck. Julie is patient, kind and very knowledgable. Fascial massage has so many benefits and whether your dog needs relief from pain, help with anxiety or just some pure pampering - I highly recommend contacting Julie.

    Update: Teddy Bear has been getting massages from Julie for over a year now and his arthritis is doing so much better! Coupled with Julie's expert suggestions on supplements, other therapies, modalities of exercise and even pet beds, our dog has been able to enter his senior years with ease instead of pain. Thank You, Julie!
    - Gloria LoCurto Herdt

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    One evening in December it became clear that our 4 year old Frenchie had suffered an injury at daycare. The next day the vet told us they had no idea what it was and to just let it be, but our once highly energetic Puku was just lying around moping and occasionally whimpering from the pain. We contacted Julie and , after a phone consult, had a massage scheduled within the week. After just one session we saw noticeable improvements in our Pu Bear! Julie did a thorough physical assessment and found that the injury was causing back spasms which abated within a few sessions. While she isn't out of the woods yet-- Ms. Pu is enjoying her weekly sessions with Julie and getting better all the time. We even learned a few things about how we care for our pup to make sure she gets the most out of the treatment! As a side note, our very anxious feline has also has a few mini sessions proving Julie is, in fact, a pet whisperer! - Tara Barreira

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    I have a 20 year old domestic short hair - NISSEN with 2 bad legs from a fall years ago, arthritis and most recently diagnosed with a bladder tumor. Julie is an important part of the holistic approach I have been using with Nissen for several years. Nissen settles right in now when Julie is here, she is more restful / comfortable after each visit and I have noticed improvement in her walking as well. It has made a clear difference. - Gary J. Dupont

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    Winston loves his massages! Julie is very passionate about the well being of animals. She did a thorough assessment of Winston and his environment. She gave us some great recommendations which we implemented immediately with positive results. During the assessment Julie had asked us when we last tested Winston for Lyme and it had been at least a year which made us realize it was time to test again. Sure enough Winston tested positive and he is now on Doxycycline. We are so thankful to Julie and we highly recommend her. - Mary Brumis Iantosca

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    Julie is just amazing. It took my Nova some time to understand the concept of massage and that Julie was there to help her. Julie remained patient allowing Nova to get used to it on her time and now when she realizes Julie is coming over she alternates between barking and racing to get outside to see Julie to jogging to her mat and lying down waiting for Julie to work her magic. Nova has severe arthritis in one leg and for those of you who have a dog with similar issue you know the dogs tend to overuse other body parts to compensate. I have watched Nova exhale deeply and her whole body relax when Julie finds the sore parts and works out the knots and tension in her muscles. The next morning I can feel the difference when I'm patting Nova and feeling the tension gone in her neck and shoulders. Thank you Julie for doing what you do for Nova and being so great with her. - Angela Mastrocola

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    I could tell for the last few months Goose's back legs had been sore and/or weak. He'd primarily walk on his front legs going down stairs and would easily give in when playing with his (very rambunctious) little sister. Last Saturday he wouldn't jump out of the car and I knew it was because of his back. I literally had to lift all 115lbs of him out of the car. Thankfully I had booked Julie for an hour Sunday morning and I was hoping it would give him some relief. Well when I got him back from her, he was back to his usual sprite self! He was more bouncy and had much more movement in all of his limbs. He can stand up faster and is more stable when going down for a sit. So thank you thank you! I'm pretty sure Goose knows the word "massage" now! :)
    - Samantha Louras

  • Rates

    I am a traveling massage therapist, serving the North Shore.
    I offer massage in your home to reduce your stress as well as your pets' :)


    1 hour in-home massage = $80

    All New Clients - 40 minute medical/behavioral intake, by phone = $50

    Travel fee if > 5 miles from my home = $15

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    My Hours:

    By appointment only -

    serving the North Shore


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